We thrive on digging deep to fully understand your goals and objectives, and creating custom solutions.


Omágen Inc. is a marketing and public relations consultancy committed to helping clients connect with the new mainstream America being forged by today’s polycultural communities. The strategic communications consultancy specializes in engaging targeted audiences across different platforms blending traditional and social media to offer integrated creative ideas and solutions.


Omágen understands that today’s consumer seeks to be inspired and must be provoked to see, listen, understand and take action. Omágen keeps a pulse on marketing trends while staying grounded in the journalism storytelling ethos and the award-winning work of Oralia Michel, Founder and President.

Omágen is well known for delivering results from its base in the heart of Los Angeles, with affiliates in San Diego and Miami. From within the Latino epicenter, we interact daily with the marketplace and consumers that brands want to capture.

Our Services

Media Relations Earned Awareness Campaigns

Sponsorship Acquisition & Management

Public Relations Education Campaigns

Social Media Content Creation

Influencer Engagement​

Community Relations Outreach

Experiential Programs Development & Implementation

Special Event Development Production & Management

Talking Points

About Oralia Michel

Oralia Michel is an award winning marketer and social entrepeneur. Recognized as an Hispanic marketing trailblaizer she is the founder and owner of Omágen Inc.

Telling Stories

Building great stories that resonate and reverberate are essential in today’s competitive landscape.

We Recommend

Creative studio and 100% bilingual. Working with clients in English and Spanish in the U.S. and in México, in person and via Internet.

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